Junie 23, 2011

As jy jouself as ‘n digter verbeel,
Gaan loop eers op die strand.
Bou jou grootste, mooiste sandkasteel
En breek dit met jou hand.

Die vorm van liefde

Junie 23, 2011

Daar is niks so teer en niks so sterk.
Soos ‘n seepbel met ‘n diamant vlerk.

As jy dit voel, dan voel dit reg,
Maar sê te vroeg dis daar, dan is dit weg.

Daar is niks so seer en niemand so swak
Soos wanneer jy die skerwe eet en kak.

Vir die ‘non’

Mei 14, 2011

Jy het gesê liefde is niet.
In oorgee is daar geen eer.
Gemak verander in verdriet.

Ek het gesê dat liefde bestaan:
Dis heerlik, hemels, hartseer;
Ver van my bereik of verstaan.

Ons het apart of saam besluit
Om nie tweede te kies nie.
Eerder alleen wees as met verwyt,
Want niks minder as ‘n prinses
Of ridder is goed genoeg nie.

Maar sê nou ons word oud,
En die nagte al meer eensaam
En die winters al meer koud,
Sal jy met my trou, sodat
Ons iemand het om mee te spot;
Iemand om ons regop te hou
Wanneer ons wil swig voor die lot?

Unrequited love

Februarie 18, 2011

Unrequited love is cruel to the core.
It burns ‘til the heart cannot burn anymore.
It makes no amends and remains to recall.
Unrequited love is no love at all.

I Wait

September 20, 2010

Though we both know it,
Neither have told.
We share a dream in a fantasy world.

It’s less than a secret,
Not even a whisper,
Born out of understanding and trust.

I saw your eyes;
You heard my voice
Agree to an unconventional choice.

Though time may pass
While you’re miles away,
This promise won’t change;
Our connection remains.

So, for that moment
When all burdens are laid,
Since it’s never too late,
I wait.

Biochemical Romance

Augustus 31, 2010

The moment I first saw you, our eyes met
And we smiled excitedly, enchanted by
This radiant energy of life, evolving from
The chemistry of our chance encounter.

The force of our attraction drew me in
And within the first minute of knowing
You, we were locked in a tight embrace.
Happiness reacted, dancing our souls

For the brief time we had together
And securing a subsequent match.
Now we engage in a tentative swirl
In the primordial soup of our love.


Augustus 2, 2010

The smell of your hair is fading from my pillow.
I wallow in emotion, phone in hand
And as the screen turns black, I press a key
To see your message back on-screen.

I’m forcing myself not to call.
The ball is in your court.
Last resort- I fumble a folded note
And dote on the writing there.

A knot is tugging at my core
As more and more tremors ride my spine
And time ticks by, grinding my sanity to splinters.
This winter I spent wondering.

Should I try again or let you go?
No way to know, I rack my mind to find clues
Or cues you may have left to answer this.
I miss you way too much for one day apart.

The smell of your hair is fading from my pillow.
I wallow in feelings of stifling affection and regret,
Forgetting all my memories of you intentionally;
Finally making room for reality.