3 steps to losing weight

1) Only if you feel unhappy about being obese, follow steps 1 and 2 religiously.

2) Drink water when you get snack cravings, because (a) that’s what your body really needs and (b) the cravings will stop when your stomach is full. Condition yourself not to eat between major meals and rather fill it up with water.

3) Exercise: work, sweat, hurt; then relax. The burning pain is normal and temporary. You also feel temporarily good after the exercise and a shower. If that doesn’t balance it out for you, remember that you will feel permanently great when you’re eventually fit. Upper body workouts have the same effect, if you don’t want to jog or cycle. Out of ideas? Go outside with a shovel, dig a hole and fill it up again.

This is all there is to it. Unless you have a mutation on your FTO and INSIG2 genes (the chances are incredibly slim), you have no legitimate reason to complain about your fat.

2 Responses to 3 steps to losing weight

  1. kaneelsuiker sê:

    Ek voorspel 10 besoeke meer per dag van nou af. Kom ons kyk of ek reg was…

  2. anne-marie sê:

    Baie goeie raad wat jy hier gee, net jammer dis makliker gesê as gedoen 😦

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