Returning From Darkness

I can see a face emerging
Through the all-devouring void.
Darkness, that so much destroyed,
Now seems to be diverging.

Underground, where I awoke
(Tangled up in roots that bind)
In solitude, I lay confined
Until my shackles broke.

For how long has my sanity slept?
A sense of normalcy returns
To ruins with self-inflicted burns
In which my troubled soul was kept.

My body greets his long-lost kin:
A dear old friend, my mind
And all the tying ropes unwind-
A change from core to skin.

Colour fills my pale complexion.
Life, once more, paints darkened creases.
All the small neglected pieces
Blends with my reflection

In the mirror, with awe I see
The sight of pride banishing shame-
A handsome face and sturdy frame:
The man I grew up wanting to be.

All along I knew him well,
I knew that he was there.
I knew I did not disappear;
Me, welcome back from hell.

8 Responses to Returning From Darkness

  1. anne-marie sê:

    Sjoe! Ek hoop eendag publiseer jy jou gedigte. Dis baie goed.

  2. annderster sê:

    jou beste een sover.

    welkom terug… in jou eie liggaam, en ook op die blogosphere. ek het jou gemis.

  3. Verdant sê:

    Kaneelsuiker, hierdie is my nuwe gunsteling gedig van jou.

  4. Grieta sê:

    As I see it (my reality) this is a wonderful place to be… now…. in vertile void… for new beginnings to emerge, new life to start – a new day.. be aware and enjoy


  5. MT sê:

    Is this literal? Is there hope for me… left the darkness and emptied of the light? Is there a step to take to return?

    • kaneelsuiker sê:

      It’s literal, for sure! You don’t take one single step, you take a whole new stance and continue on a route of self-actualisation. It’s nothing selfish, you do yourself and everyone around you a favour. It’s a constant decision to stand up for yourself, disregard burdening social norms, take advice, take the right medication, but depend on yourself. I’ve been on this road of self-fulfilment for 3 years, starting with physical healing and acceptance, then social skill building and then allowing your emotions and urges to be fulfilled. If you don’t take a stand for yourself, no one will, but if you do, you will find help from all around!

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