Voor ek in nugterheid hierdie delete…

Maart 13, 2010

Die waarheid is nog ‘n spul vrae

met die foon in my hand
en die pers op my tand,
lê ek op die vloer
en ek’s in my moer

Here, God, praat met my!
Wat gaan aan?
Wie is ek?
Wat moet ek doen?

en ek staan op
net nog ‘n pop
wat wesens vermaak
my gemoedere kraak

En my Vader is dààr,
Ja, iewers waar
Ek nie kan sien.
Tog wil ek dien!

Wie is ek?
Hoekom is ek?
en waar gaan ek heen
anders as die reën

op my graf as ek sterf
en die onkruid wat spruit
en die vlees wat vergaan
en die graf wat bly staan

I am lost, I am wasted
I had wine, I could taste it,
but it broke through my conscience
Like the truth without nonsense

Die vrae kom nou uit
Sonder antwoord, in spyt
As ek net wyser was
In vino veritas

Space Cakes (illicit content)

Maart 3, 2010

You bake them, they bake you.

I was delving into the obscure drug culture that exists behind the scenes, stirs in the sewers of society, evades the eyes of concerned parents and soils the hands of our youth. I decided to document the practices I see and to experience, only once, the full effects of getting utterly stoned. I avoided smoking and settled on ingesting some marijuana to achieve this effect. I concocted a recipe for some potent, yet edible hash brownies by using the methods of a trusted companion as base and adding some magic to it. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of them when they were finished.

Ingredients for approximately 16 squares:

Ina Paarman’s Chocolate Brownie Mix (550g)
2 extra large eggs
125 ml sunflower oil (½ cup)
100 ml butter (plaasbotter proe lekkerder as margarine)
125 ml full cream milk (½ cup)
* 125 ml chopped pecan nuts (½ cup)
* Chocolate chips
4-8 grams of fine marijuana (hash would be ideal, but I used 8 of these little bags containing Swazi)

Start with the weed if it still needs to be cleared of twigs and pips. You only want the flowers (Use tweezers and fine scissors as well as rubber gloves not to get your hands sticky).
Sift this through a dry sift to produce finer particles.

Preheat oven to 180°C

Heat the raw cannabis along with butter in a sauce pan or casserole without boiling for about 15 minutes or until it becomes a dark, icky mixture. This part is vital, as the heating causes the cannabinoids to dissolve in the butter and become more digestible. THC, the psychoactive component which makes you trip, is only soluble in oil or lipids, not water.

* If you don’t want any particles in your brownies, filtrate the liquid through a medium sift or through a slab of foil with small holes punched through. Leave the rest on the stove at low temperature and mix it with some of the sunflower oil, press out all the juice with a spatula and repeat the filtration until the remaining solids seem dry and hard. (discard the solids, keep the filtrated hash butter)

Prepare a pan (20cm x 20cm square or a 20cm x 30cm rectangular)

Beat eggs, melted butter/weed mixture, oil and milk for about 2 minutes until well blended. Add brownie mixture, nuts and choc chips and fold in carefully with a whisk. Blend until just combined and no more. Scrape mixture into prepared pan.

Bake on middle shelf for 40 minutes. Brownies are done when a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean or if cake pulls away slightly from the sides of the pan. Leave to cool down, then cut into 16/20 squares.

Please note:
– * means optional.
-The pecan nuts are added mainly for extra texture, to mask chewing on the fine particles of the weed.
-Mild effects are felt 45 minutes after ingestion, but the full effects may only occur 1h and a half after eating.
-Split the batch between 4 or more people and eat in a safe environment.
-Ina Paarman’s Chocolate Brownie Mix consists of roughly 1 and ½ cup of flower, 1 and ½ cup of sugar, pinch of salt, 1/3 cup cocoa, 1 teaspoon baking-soda as well as ¼ cup of buttermilk.
-May cause nausea, sugar rush or mind fuckment if overindulged.
-I made this post mostly to inform, not to encourage the use of marijuana. I advise all first-time users to turn around and stay well away. Make informed decisions.