Along a brook I stroll one noon
And gaze upon a lofty tree
Its branches swaying in the breeze
It puts my troubled mind at ease

The cooling shade, it beckons me
To come and sit down by its roots
And as I rest my back ‘gainst wood
A dreamless sleep replaces brood

What time has passed here I can’t say
The wind has ceased and silence now
Is drowning all that used to ache
Is clearing thoughts that used to break

A sudden wave of thick warm air
Surrounds me in a tightening hug
It gently lifts me to my feet
Invigorating with its greet

Sensation so unique and pure
And I alone can hold it dear
Secret hint invoking muse
To tell me that I’m still of use

I know that I will not return
What moment here I had is kept
Deep within my heart to give
Me peace when life is negative

One Response to Peace

  1. […] as jy ingestel is daarop. Ek werk nou aan ‘n gedig met dieselfde rymskema en metrum as ‘Peace‘. Dit sal sy suster-gedig wees en sal spesifiek gaan oor hierdie tipe dingetjies wat my asem […]

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